Sunday, January 28, 2018

Free Crochet Shawl Pattern

This shawl was nice and quick.

The free pattern can be found HERE
It is the Caron Triad Shawl

I used the same pattern (stitches and all), but used a much larger hook and yarn. I also did not add any edging or continue from the beginning of the first piece. (if you read the pattern this will make sense. This shawl is only made from side 1)

5mm Hook
Navy and  Burgundy Value Yarn
12 blue rows (6x2 rows of pattern) each end
68 Burgundy rows (34x2 rows of pattern) (or until desired length)

24" Width X 48" Length

*** It is long enough to lay across the bottom of a double size bed.

***Sam the cat approves of the shawl!

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Free Crochet Blanket Pattern

These blanket patterns are closer to the size of lapghans.
They are both made with the same V-Stitch pattern.

The FREE pattern can be found HERE
The colour combinations are endless!
For this blanket I used value acrylic with a 6.5mm Hook

I started out with the same amount of stitches as the pattern calls for.
The colours that I used in order were:

6 rows of Blue
1 row of Grey
3 rows of Red
1 row of Grey
6 rows of Blue
1 row of Grey
3 rows of Yellow
1 row of Grey

Dimensions: 32" Width  X 33" Length

This lapghan knit up quick!
The FREE pattern can be found HERE
(Same as above pattern)

I used a value acrylic with a 6.5mm hook.

The colours that I used in order were:
7 rows Purple
2 row White
7 rows Pink
1 row White

Dimensions: 25" Width X 31" Length

Free Knit Scarf Pattern

I recently knit up a scarf as a Christmas gift.

7" Width
6 1/2 ' Length

Bernat Super Value
5mm needle

Pattern: (variation of the moss stitch)
R1: *k2, p2, repeat from*
R2: *p2, k2, repeat from*
R3: *p2, k2, repeat from*
R4: *k2, p2, repeat from*

4 Row repeat until the desired length.

The scarf was long! but very warm!

Crochet Big Cakes Striped Shawl

Big Cakes yarn stripes nicely!
I made this prayer shawl recently and it went quick.

The pattern I used was called open checkers and the stitch can be found HERE



Bernat Big Cakes  Plum Pudding 300g
5mm crochet hook


 44" Length
 27" Width


I started with 105 beginning chain stitches and kept crocheting the pattern until the desired length.
Finished in the ends and made a nice shawl for someone in need.

Friday, January 19, 2018

Free Crochet Bear Pattern

This bear is adorable and made such a great gift!

The FREE pattern can be found HERE

I used dollar store cotton and a 4mm Hook.

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Free Crochet Bunny Pattern

The Little Bigfoot Bunny Pattern can be found HERE
There is a wonderful tutorial on how to create
this bunny from start to finish.
I used dollar store acrylic with a 4.5mm Hook. 

Free Crochet Lobster Pattern

What a cute little blue lobster!

The FREE pattern can be found HERE
He is MINI, but very easy to make!
I used dollar store value cotton and a 4mm Hook.